PROJECTS Virtual Plant RemSense was requested to develop a visualisation platform that would enable an operator to view their remote assets in high resolution detail. The operator had previously investigated several digital twin and visualisation offerings but had not found something that matched their needs. In addition to high resolution imagery, the operator wanted the […]


PROJECTS Magnetometry Survey Working with one of the World’s largest gold producers to assist in the identification of potential gold deposits in Western Australia. Traditional methods such as light aircraft, by ground vehicle or on foot, were not ideal for use in the locations required. RemSense were approached to assess the feasibility of conducting a […]


PROJECTS Air Powered Spray Gun An airless spray pump, that currently used batteries to drive the pump was being discontinued by the OEM. RemSense was asked to create prototype designs for a pneumatically powered spray gun. Solution By utilising pneumatic power, the spray gun can be operated without a hot work permit and ensures the […]


PROJECTS UWA Spectral Sensor (Defence) Project Brief “Demonstrate an integrated system that can detect and neutralise improvised threats on a complex joint battlespace with as low as reasonably practicable risk to Defence personnel and civilians.” RemSense worked with UWA who had developed an IR spectral sensor that could potentially work from distance to design a […]


PROJECTS Satellite Antenna Repair An operator of an offshore FPSO engaged RemSense to fix their azimuth axis servo motor controller, a critical component of the antenna tracking system. Without the functioning motor controller, the integrity of the crucial data link for the FPSO was severely degraded. The OEM who engaged to supply a replacement unit […]


PROJECTS Split Ring Washer The client identified an opportunity to significantly increase the productivity of its maintenance program. The replacement of worn and degraded sealing washers for junction boxes required the isolation and de-powering of the junction boxes and permits to work to be issued. Solution Development of a “split washer” that can be installed […]