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Reducing risk while increasing project knowledge

RemSense have a range of aerial and terrestrial based services and tools that provide significant benefits within the construction and property maintenance industries.

Drones provide construction teams with an overhead view of jobsites, materials, machinery and people, being used to record images and videos that help optimise everything from grading plans and operations to identifying differences between as-designed and as-built site plans.

Complex 3D models of structures, digital terrain models, surveys and maps can all be produced to high levels of accuracy.

Asset Management and Facilities Inspection are another area where the utilisation of drones can add tangible benefits, allowing trades, inspectors and engineers the ability to assesses and inspect facades and rooftops of a wide range of structures, from warehouses, hospitals and schools to residential properties, without the need for rope access or EWP’s, reducing risk as well as time taken.

the future of site management

  • Remote assessment progress to monitor change detection, improper sequencing and OH&S compliance
  • Safely inspect structures without the need for elevated work platforms, scaffolding or rope access
  • Remotely conduct roof, gutters, facades inspections and dilapidation surveys
  • Storm damage and insurance assessment

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