how we work


Our company background of solving problems permeates throughout our entire organisation and defines how we work.
When working on a technology development project, our process can be summarised by the following approach.

1.1 Think Big

Test Existing
What measures are currently being deployed to mitigate the issue/answer the need? Why is it no longer suitable? This helps frame the parameters a new solution needs to comply with.

1.2 Think Big

We combine the inputs given with our broad technology knowledge to generate new concepts. These are shared with the client to refine the options available before proceeding any further.

2.0 Prototype Small

Client Feedback
Depending on the project a series of prototypes may be generated for the client to assess and give input on. Importantly, the client is given full visibility of the process to understand the direction and scope of the project and the recommended future activities.

2.1 Prototype Small

Based on the prototype results and the client feedback, projects are refined and improved according to the client’s inputs.

3.0 Validate Bottom Line Impact

& Develop
A Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is developed as a prototype, according to the agreed specifications.

3.1 Validate Bottom Line Impact

Testing & Certification
The solution is checked, field trials are conducted and certification process is launched if required.

4.0 Scale Fast Fail Fast

Project Execution
New developments are jointly assessed with the client for commercial applications outside of the client (either within the industry or into others).

The new offering may be commercialised, turning what was initially a problem into a revenue generating solution.


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