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Rotary Car Dumpers are a key component of any large mining operation. It is a quick and efficient mechanism used for unloading railroad cars mine cars. It holds the rail car to a section of track and then rotates the track and car together to unload the contents into a hopper and conveyor below.

Inspecting these large and complex machines can be extremely hazardous and time consuming; they are classed as confined spaces, are difficult to access and as with all mining operations, dangerous, and downtime on any mine related facility has a large knock-on impact.


Working with our client, one of the largest Tier 1 miners, we utilised the Elios confined spaces drone. Our highly skilled operators are experienced in operating these systems, which while designed specifically for confined spaces use, are very different from operating other types of drones and come with their own challenges.

These drones offer both 4k, RGB Video recording, as well as thermal imaging if required.


Over multiple operations, on a number of different Car Dumpers, we have proven that this technology provides cost and time savings to the client, as well as reducing safety risks. Working closely with the clients inspection and maintenance teams, we are quickly able to access difficult to reach areas and identify any potential defects or corrosion before they become critical. This is a true example of using technology to carry out work that can be classed as “dull, dirty and dangerous.” RemSense continue to work on these projects as well as test and asses new solutions as they come to market, to be able to provide the best data and insights to our clients.


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