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Our services in the mining and industrial space have grown substantially through our Engineering and Innovation services.

We have developed numerous novel technology solutions to improve operations, such as an innovative solution for the replacement of corroded seals in junction boxes that negate the need for permits and the need to isolate and de-power.   At a macro level, we have partnered with a top tier Gold mining organisation to develop and deploy  a reliable, productive and consistent method for conducting mineral exploration surveys using magnetometry via a drone  

We are well-versed in operating in some of Australia’s harshest environments, regularly providing a range of drone-based services within the mining sector. Our asset inspection work includes high-definition imagery of conveyors, bucket loaders, stackers, jetties and pipe-racks. We also deploy drones to carry out inspections in confined spaces, such as car-dumpers and storage vessels.

The drones we use for aerial surveying capture high-resolution, geo-tagged imagery of mine elevations and depressions, then upload the data into photogrammetry software to generate a 2D map, point cloud and 3D model to assist mining managers in determining mine performance and monitoring material volumes.

Generated from photogrammetry or LIDAR data, 2D maps, point clouds, 3D models, Contour Maps, Digital Terrain Models and Digital Surface Models, can be utilised for stockpile management, asset management, mine monitoring, operational planning, mining exploration and to assess mine performance.

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