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Completing our Second FPSO Scan Project

Our team of scan technicians has started an exciting new virtualplant project: scanning our second vessel stationed off the shores of Exmouth. .

“People are very welcoming, food is great, and the views are incredible”

The floating vessel is found near offshore oil fields, where oil is stored and processed until it can be exported to a tanker for transporting and refining. There are many different range structures that FPSOs operate in, from a converted former supertanker to a unique purpose-built vessel.

Demand for FPSO’s have increased due to reducing rate of new onshore oil discoveries. Onshore oil discoveries are reaching low levels whereas new technology has elevated the possibilities of offshore oil projects. Deepwater oil exploration has high potential with the ocean still yet to be fully discovered.

With our cutting-edge scanning technology, we’re determined to capture every angle of this FPSO vessel, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. This will empower our client’s staff and contractors to seamlessly schedule operational activities from Perth, reducing the need for frequent on-site visits.

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