Perth Children’s Hospital

Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH), is an iconic building, providing world-class health services on the outskirts of Perth’s CBD. Our client is the lead facilities maintenance contractor and is required to inspect the façade of the building twice a year, for corrosion and damage. Given the architectural design and surrounds of the building, it has proven difficult and costly to carry-out this work via traditional methods such as rope access, or elevated work platform.

Given the nature of the site, we had to contend with managing public and staff access to operational areas as well as operating in areas that have significant “GPS Shadowing”- areas where GPS satellite signals are difficult to maintain, affecting the stability and safety of most drones.


RemSense deployed a M300 RTK drone and base station, providing greater stability, precision, and safety. This was pared with a high-definition camera for capture of high-definition images.

These high-definition images comprised a wide angle to provide an overall view of each section on the structure, as well as zoomed images to enable precise asset inspection.


The combination of optimum drone, camera sensor and expert piloting in challenging, enabled the safe and effective mapping of all facades required within one day.

The resulting data set, was provided to the client in an easy-to-use format, allowing for efficient review of the data for inspection purposes. This method, also ensured that the operation of the hospital was not affected or compromised in any way.


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