Remotely Inspect Critical Infrastructure

RemSense provides services to the power generation and transmission and telecommunications sectors.  Drones allow the safe inspection of assets such as telecoms towers, pylons, power lines, solar panels, wind turbines, dams, and pipelines, assisting in asset lifecycle and asset risk management programs. All this can be done without the need for shutdowns or to de-energise systems.

Transmission and pipeline corridors can be assessed using both RGB cameras or LIDAR sensors, enabling regular inspection of power transmission lines to assess asset condition, line sag and ingress of vegetation or other structures. This provides the ability to manage assets more proactively and predict potential outages.

Drone usage in telecommunications reduces costs significantly, where 2D and 3D models allow for improvements in asset inspection as well as providing a clearer understanding of available space of towers.  Drones are also used for line of site testing when planning locations for new masts.

Work Safely, Work Smarter, Work Faster

Provide engineers, inspectors and GIS teams with rich, accurate and easy to use data sets, that removes the need to operate in hazardous and remote environements.

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