IncreasE data granularity, reducE time taken to survey and inspect

We carry out drone-based mapping and surveying of existing and planned road and rail transport routes, from several hectares to several hundred kilometres in area. This enables greater accuracy in planning for developers when seeking to understand the terrain in challenging environments.  We generate 2D maps, point clouds, 3D models, Contour Maps, Digital Terrain Models and Digital Surface Models from both photogrammetry and LIDAR based systems.

Utilising drones, we inspect rail lines, embankments and bridges, port jetties, cranes and warehouses without the need to place people in danger or use additional equipment, such as elevated work platforms (EWPs) or rope access.

Our powered tether systems enable us to carryout traffic-monitoring and security projects over several hours in areas where it would be difficult to deploy other systems, enabling safe and convenient, traffic and pedestrian counts.

Site Inspection from your Office

With our low latency, Live Streaming services, view 4k video feeds direct from the drone without having to travel to site.
You can even control the camera, capturing the data you need while our expert pilots fly the drone

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