Virtual Plant (Asset recognition)

After developing Virtual Plant, Woodside requested RemSense to explore options to recognise assets within the images that are joined together to form Virtual Plant. Despite having a digital twin and inventory systems in place, using the real-world visual information captured in Virtual Plant would help Woodside understand not only their assets, but also 3rd party OEM assets that have been installed on site.


RemSense developed asset recognition capability within Virtual Plant by leveraging the high resolution of Virtual Plant with text recognition algorithms to capture all text strings within an environment. This meant that RemSense could identify any asset with an asset tag or nameplate attached. The text strings identified in the images were then matched against the asset register, highlighting any discrepancies between what exists on site and what was contained in the register.


The captured text strings were used to create labels within Virtual Plant, which meant that not only were assets able to be identified, but they were also automatically located geospatially, increasing the use cases and value that Virtual Plant could deliver to users.

RemSense has now rolled out the Asset Recognition service, scanning an entire offshore platform, capturing and sorting over half a million text strings on the platform.


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