Water Pipeline inspection

The Goldfields Water Supply Scheme is a pipeline and dam project that delivers potable water from Mundaring Weir in Perth to communities in Western Australia’s Eastern Goldfields, particularly Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie and is 566km long.

Above ground sections require regular visual inspections for corrosion, damage, leaks and ingress of vegetation or other objects in to the pipeline corridor.

This inspection is traditionally carried out on foot and by 4WD vehicle, which can be hazardous given the remoteness and climatic and environmental conditions. This visual inspection does not always cover the entirety of the pipe circumference, due to access issues.


RemSense proposed that the clients’ requirements would be better serviced with the addition of a drone-based survey of the pipeline corridor and inspection of the pipeline itself.

This imagery would be geo-tagged so that if any points of interest or corrosion were identified, it would be a quick and straight-forward task to pin-point these on the pipeline itself and issue work orders for further direct visual inspection or rectification.


A number of multi-kilometre long, stretches of the pipeline were assessed for both pipeline defects and corridor integrity using a drone based platform and high resolution imagery.

The resultant imagery was provided to a third-party inspection team who successfully identified numerous defects that would not have been easily identifiable from a vehicle/foot-based inspection.

The drone based survey saved considerable time versus ground based methods, and provided a much richer, detailed and comprehensive data-set for inspection evaluation.


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