& Innovation

We create innovative technology solutions that deliver productivity improvements, safer workplaces  and increased operational efficiency to our clients’ operations.

We operate as a business partner with our clients, and have developed a unique approach to technology development that incorporates a commercial operating model that aligns the interests of the partners.

Data Capture
& Insights

We are an Australian leader in deploying both aerial and terrestrial scanning and imaging  systems, providing valuable data and insights for our customers across numerous industries.

Our team has broad industry and application exposure, operating in dense urban environments, remote outback areas and in highly regulated areas such as airports and offshore oil and gas platforms.


Virtual Plant is a productive and scalable photographic fabric environment that enables visual information from a distributed asset network to be available to all users companywide.

Accessible across your entire organisation using existing hardware, software and networks, Virtual Plant provides secure data access globally – anywhere, anytime.


We would love to talk about how we can create
solutions to help your business.

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