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RemSense operates throughout Australia, both on and offshore, working safer, faster and smarter to reduce costs, save time and improve decision making.

For over 15 years we have been deploying leading edge Drones and terrestrial based technologies, calling on our Group’s multi-disciplinary engineering skills to deliver end-to-end solutions that capture, process and create insight driven data sets and visualisations.

Utilising multi-rotor, fixed-wing and VTOL drones, RemSense has one of the most advanced fleets of airframes, sensors and cameras anywhere in Australia, enabling us to deliver not only the best results to our clients, but also new and novel solutions to challenges and problems.

Our range of highly specialised services includes:

  • 3D Modelling and visualisation of complex assets
  • Survey and Mapping Services, including Geophysical Surveys
  • Aerial based Gas Detection
  • Tethered Operations, providing continuous real-time aerial video stream
  • Terrestrial Based Scanning
  • Thermal and Multispectral Imaging
  • Photography and Video Services
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From Macro to Micro

We capture a wide range of information emcompassing RGB, LIDAR and Multi-spectral data sets from both aerial and terrestrial scanning systems. 

We do this over areas as large as several hundred square kilometres, down to individual components with sub-millimetre accuracy. 

Entire Area
Multiple Assets

Geophysical surveys
High resolution, wide area mapping
Aerial industrial inspection
Gas detection
Multispectral imaging
Aerial photography and videography

Single Area

Virtual Plant
LIDAR Scanning and Point Cloud


3D scanning metrology
Thermal imaging
Drone-mounted UT inspection


Improving workplace safety, by reducing the need to work at heights, within confined spaces or in hazardous environments.


Autonomous and semi-autonomous tools, paired with machine learning and powerful AI to generate richer, easier to use and interpret data sets.


Capture and process data from large areas or inspect difficult to reach structures far quicker than traditional methods.


We would love to talk about how we can create
solutions to help your business.

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