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We value and prioritise inclusion and diversity: We believe that success is directly tied to our people.

We understand the immense value that diverse skills, experiences, and  backgrounds can bring and we all respect and appreciate the differences among us.

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Flexible Working

We offer a flexible working policy that enables individuals to choose the most suitable location for performing their work duties while balancing their personal life demands.


We prioritise the well-being of our employees and therefore provide them with access to gym and pool facilities located in the building.

Personal Development

We value our employees' personal and professional growth, offering courses to keep them up to date with the latest professional skills and trends..

Inclusion for all

Our company is multicultural and committed to fostering an environment of inclusivity and respect for individuals of any gender orientation, religion, age, disability, and background.

Workplace Giving

We support children's health through workplace giving programs making a positive impact on Not For Profit organisations in our community

Team Building

We like to have fun and promote a positive work environment! Our social activities and team-building events happen every month.

Mental health support

We are committed to supporting employees through all health challenges.

Workplace giving

​Workplace giving is important for us, It’s part of our social responsibility package that encourages our staff and the business to engage with the community. It’s a very simple way for everybody to be able to contribute.

While financial support is the main aspect of the partnership, RemSense has also been able to assist the Institute by providing a complimentary scan of the facilities at PCH using its world-first photogrammetric industrial digital twin product, virtualplant.

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