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Virtualplant is a high-resolution visualisation platform that empowers you to remotely step into your mining facility from anywhere, anytime on any device. 

Links to existing enterprise management systems as well as corporate and operational technology platforms.

Proven to reduce shutdowns times and improve productivity via accurate planning and time/resource allocation. 

go live in as little as 10 days


Our technicians can scan entire facilities within days, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.


Your virtualplant platform can be processed and go live in as little as 10 days.


A 15-minute orientation is all that's required for your staff to adapt to the platform.​

How virtualplant helps Mining Operations

Key features

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Industry frequently asked questions

What is a digital twin?

Digital Twin technology generates a virtual representation of physical objects, systems, or processes. When paired with enterprise and Internet of Things (IoT) data, Digital Twins offer the potential to gain insights, predict outcomes, access real-time data for decision-making, optimize processes, and enhance connectivity. [You can insert the link to your article here]

Unlike a rendered model derived from drawings, a visual twin like virtualplant offers a high-resolution photographic representation of the environment. This allows you to explore the actual site conditions as they exist, rather than the ‘as designed’ version, all while enjoying the advantages of seamless integration with CMMS and asset registers within the photographic environment. For more information, visit our virtualplant page

The frequency of scans depends on the client’s requirements and the pace at which a facility undergoes changes. If needed, we can perform targeted rescans of specific areas or modules within the facility to incorporate the latest scenes into the existing environment, ensuring that scan dates are accurately tracked.

Due to it being web-based, all that is required is on-site Wi-Fi.

We recommend using tablet-sized or larger devices for the best user experience.

Absolutely! virtualplant provides a measuring tool within the program allowing you to measure spaces and calculate areas with ease.

We make every effort to capture as much information as possible during on-site scanning. While some items may be obstructed or missed, our images are captured in 6k resolution, enabling users to zoom in on most name plates for easy identification.

Moreover, virtualplant can be further enhanced with our automatic tag recognition add-on, which recognizes tags and matches them to your existing asset register, streamlining your asset management processes.

Typically, users can’t add information directly. However, when using Vplanner, an add-on that empowers contractors and internal teams, you can create standardized and error-free work orders with minimal training. Learn more about Vplanner

Absolutely, you can enhance your virtualplant model with various types of data. It’s possible to attach PDFs and images to asset tags, providing easy access to critical documentation. Additionally, external links to your asset register system can be included for seamless integration and organization of essential information.

virtualplant models are typically split into modules, rooms, or levels that correspond to the layout of your site. However, these spaces can be interconnected through navigation tags, allowing for a seamless transition and walkthrough through your facility.

Why the future of operations is visual

Are you ready to transform the way you manage your operations and approach to work? 

In this guide you’ll:

  • Understand what is a digital twin
  • Embrace the benefits and tackle challenges of traditional digital twins (Render, CAD models, BIM)
  • Delve into a ground breaking approach for asset inspections and training that will change the game in the digital twin world. 
  • Discover real-world use cases: see the real world applications of a Visual Twin that is already reshaping the industry landscape
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