INCREASE EFFICIENCY, meet ESG goals and reduce site visits

Virtualplant is not just another Digital Twin; it's a comprehensive asset visualisation platform that revolutionises the way assets are understood and managed.

be there, without going there

Virtualplant is an asset visualisation platform that empowers you to remotely step into your physical assets, at any time.

Virtualplant is a high-resolution, visual twin of your assets that can link to existing enterprise management systems as well as corporate and operational technology platforms. Providing visual ways of working in one common platform, being accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device – Virtualplant simplifies collaboration across teams, contractors and partners.

All the data you need
All in one place.

Intuitive visual ways of working


Find missing assets via virtualplant through Plate/Tag/Asset ID and assess them against existing asset records to ensure accuracy.

Find missing assets via virtualplant through Plate/Tag/Asset ID and assess them against existing asset records to ensure accuracy, or search for specific assets within the plant using spatial data.



Image showing the measuring feature of virtualplant

Remotely measure dimensions of objects directly in the workspace to increase planning efficiency.

Identify / Resolve

virtualplant can be used to identify and resolve issues

Digitalise your workflow, gather data, identify issues and plan remediation operations with actionable insights.



Connect seamlessly with existing asset records and IoT devices to monitor asset performance in real time.


virtualplant feature train contractors from their laptop

Give an interactive tour to your team or contractors. Reduce travel to site to support compliance and optimise activity preparation time. 


virtualplant featue navigate easily through your digital environment

Navigate your digital environment effortlessly, zooming in and out to accurately assess site conditions.


Reduce travel to site and boost safety and efficiency

you can now interact remotely with production facilities

Virtualplant supports decision making for asset integrity, maintenance planning, asset health, safety, and risk audits, all in one asset visualisation platform contributing to ESG strategies

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“The digital twin of the laboratories offered a solution to engaging with audiences in a COVID world where face-to-face interaction has become more difficult. It essentially allows researchers based remotely to walk through a virtual version of our laboratories and familiarise themselves with the collaborative layout and state-of-the-art equipment at hand. As a growing research institute, we are constantly collaborating and partnering with researchers across the globe and virtualplant makes this process easier and safer. The use of virtualplant has virtually and visually opened our doors to so many new opportunities”

Ben Wood / Partnerships Manager

Telethon kids Institute

Asset Knowledge transfer

Traditional Digital Twin

virtualplant comparison to digital traditional twin
virtualplant comparison to digital traditional twin

Use as a standalone platform or to complement, integrate and enhance usability and benefits of Digital Twins (rendered).


11 years in the industry

20x + ROI Improve Your Bottom Line

^10% improved productivity

*up to
“Digital twins; from one twin to the enterprise metaverse”, McKinsey Digital

Our Process

speed to value, low cost of ownership

Quick to Scan​

Utilising cutting-edge technologies, our team of certified technicians will swiftly scan any facility, completing the process within a matter of days, with the timeline varying based on the size and complexity of the modules involved.​

Quick to Process​

Our team of developers expertly blends images to create your visual digital twin platform within a few days after scanning, ensuring a seamless and efficient delivery process.​

Simple to Deploy

Integrating virtualplant into your business operations takes mere minutes, sparing employees and contractors from extensive training sessions. In fact, a brief 15-minute orientation is all that's required for them to adapt to the platform.​

key operational benefits

Improve Your Bottom Line

Improve annual maintenance budget and increase revenue capacity.

Reduce Risks

by avoiding unnecessary travel to site. Used for site familiarisation and pre-start maintenace tasks.

Drive Net-Zero

Surface and quantify asset emission data and minimize on-site travels to minimise CO2 emissions and optimise efficiency.

Ignite Digital Transformation

Empower staff to make informed decisions without the need to travel to site or leave your site offices.

Maximise Maintenance

Visually inspecting task requirements before attending will improve efficiency and compress maintenance schedules.

Increase Efficiency

Quickly and accurately inspect the asset ‘as-is’. Download manuals and records in one place.

Virtualplant applies to all asset intensive industries