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RemSense started using the new Matterport PRO3 camera

Matterport has just introduced the all-new Matterport Pro3 camera and RemSense is thrilled to be the first Australian company field testing it.  Since late September, we have run some scans in different environments comparing Pro3, Pro2 and LEICA BLK360 outputs.

Outdoor Scanning

The headline feature of the Matterport Pro3 is its ability to capture indoor and outdoor spaces, even in full sunlight. Matterport’s previous generation camera, the Pro2, was better suited to indoor spaces.
We recently scanned St. George’s Cathedral in Perth, Australia capturing it both externally (in full sun) and internally. This showed the vast improvements over the previous generation camera, allowing a seamless capture from full sun into the darkened church. The processed model shows very balanced exposure and improved colour saturation and clarity.
Previously, it was only possible to scan outdoors using a combination of Matterport Pro2 & Leica BLK360. Seamlessly scanning with only one camera inside and outside spaces, without switching to different hardware, will significantly improve efficiency and quality of deliverables.

Scan Range/ Time

The distance between scans has also been improved by the addition of LiDAR replacing the NIR sensor; distances of 20-25m were achieved during the scan capture allowing rapid capture of transit areas. In a featureless environment, across a large, grassed oval, a scan distance of 7m between scans was achievable.
The previous Matterport camera had a maximum scan range of 5m. This feature along with the above one will again increase our efficiency on site. Furthermore, the scan time has decreased to 18 sec per scan compared to 22 sec of the Pro2

Battery Life & Image quality

The new camera allows for 24 hours operations with the new interchangeable batteries instead of taking the previous Pro2 unit offline to charge the internal batteries.
The new Matterport camera allows imagery capture equivalent to 6K compared to its previous version which capture at 4K resolution.

In summary, the Pro3 provides the following:

  • Significant increase in capture speed over the BLK for external capture
  • Significant increase in image quality over the BLK for external capture
  • Notable increase in capture speed over the Pro2 for internal capture
  • Notable increase in image quality over the Pro2 for internal capture
  • Increase in clarity, 6k (Pro3) over 4k (Pro2)
  • Increased distance between scans (up to 20m)
  • Faster scan capture (18 seconds per scan)
  • Improved stitching, reduced image tears.

RemSense thanks Matterport for having provided this evaluation unit, a first in the Australian region. This is another important step to develop an even more accurate digital replica of the industrial world. We are looking forward to deploying the Pro3 operationally in upcoming projects and in a range of challenging environments, where high quality 3D scans and reduced on site timings are crucial for our industrial clients.





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