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Project background

The RemSense team was engaged to map an agricultural field trial in York, Western Australia, covering an area of approximately 1 hectare. The field trial was essential for research purposes.

key challenges

The client required a mapping solution with a spatial resolution of 1mm/px at an altitude of 12 meters.
Achieving this level of spatial resolution presented a significant challenge and required careful consideration of equipment and techniques.

Our Solution

To address this challenge, RemSense recommended the use of the Phase One iXM 100MP camera. This camera’s superior imaging capabilities, detailed image quality, and improved color definition, even in darker areas and shadows, made it the ideal choice for the project.

The capture involved using both a DJI P1 45MP camera and the Phase One iXM 100MP camera, with each camera operating at specific altitudes and speeds to ensure optimal results.


The mapping project using the Phase One iXM camera yielded exceptional results, providing highly detailed imagery with superior resolution to the DJI P1.

The images proved instrumental in facilitating the identification of plants within the field trial area, a critical step in the agricultural research project.


Upon reviewing the initial results, the client provided positive feedback on the image quality. They noted that the resolution of the iXM images was significantly superior to that of the P1. This enhanced resolution promised to facilitate the identification of plants within the images, marking a crucial step in their agricultural research project.

Bioinformatics Lead

project media


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