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Project background

How Digital Reality has revolutionised Telethon Kids Institute’s approach to accessibility and visibility.

Telethon Kids Institute embarked on a transformative project to provide remote accessibility and visibility for a diverse range of stakeholders. The aim was to attract external/prospective staff and researchers, provide donors, patients’ families with a virtual tour of the facilities and for maintenance companies to access sensitive areas without the need to go through health and safety screenings.

Our Solution

The implementation of virtualplant, RemSense’s visual twin, revolutionised the Institute’s approach to accessibility and visibility. This innovative solution enables:

Remote Accessibility:

The hospital made the strategic decision to implement RemSense’s cutting-edge visualisation  software, virtualplant, to facilitate remote access and digital reality. This innovative technology granted prospective staff, donors, and maintenance teams the capability to explore the hospital from a distance, effectively dismantling physical barriers and providing seamless remote access.

Children’s Environment Engagement:

Virtualplant empowers remote users to immerse themselves in the Institute’s classrooms and interactive learning areas, offering children, their parents, schools, and tour groups an up-to-date visual context. This immersive experience not only showcases the Institute’s engagement with community members but also underscores their commitment to inspiring the next generation of problem solvers.

Research and Testing Lab Visibility:

The implementation of virtualplant significantly expanded accessibility of previous restricted research and testing labs to external researchers, donors, or maintenance teams. Through this 360 visual tour, the Institute showcases its dedication to cutting-edge research and technology, providing a firsthand view of areas with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies. All whilst maintaining the highly controlled nature of these environments, reducing the risk of contamination.

Work Location Identification:

Virtualplant has simplified the task of pinpointing various work locations within the hospital. This visual solution enables both staff and external parties to locate specific areas swiftly and precisely. This feature aids visitors to familiarise themselves with the facility before arriving on-site, an invaluable benefit considering the institution’s high volume of visitors and researchers.

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“The digital twin of the laboratories offered a solution to engaging with audiences in a COVID world where face-to-face interaction has become more difficult. It essentially allows researchers based remotely to walk through a virtual version of our laboratories and familiarise themselves with the collaborative layout and state-of-the-art equipment at hand. As a growing research institute, we are constantly collaborating and partnering with researchers across the globe and virtualplant makes this process easier and safer. The use of virtualplant has virtually and visually opened our doors to so many new opportunities”

Ben Wood
Telethon Kids Corporate Partnerships Manager.

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