Magnetometry Survey

Working with one of the World’s largest gold producers to assist in the identification of potential gold deposits in Western Australia.

Traditional methods such as light aircraft, by ground vehicle or on foot, were not ideal for use in the locations required. RemSense were approached to assess the feasibility of conducting a magnetometry survey using drone technology.

For the magnetometry survey to be feasible using a drone, it has to deliver superior performance (accuracy / time / cost) compared to the incumbent methods.


Identifying the correct combination of flight platform (drone) and magnetometer suspension system was paramount, as the client required the reduction of as much signal noise as possible to provide a high quality data set.

Key issues were to overcome were signal noise from the drone and its’ control systems, and signal noise generated by the ‘swinging’ of the magnetometer under the drone.

Extensive testing was carried out to identify a stable drone platform, with low EMF emissions that could fly safely within proximity to the ground, while carrying a suspended object. The drone would also have to be able to operate for several hours a day in harsh environmental conditions.

Multiple suspension systems were trialed to identify a balance of stability and ease of operational deployment in the field. We continue to refine both flight profiles and drone and suspension systems.


Initial trials were conducted in the metro area, validating the technical feasibility and refining drone platform, suspension system and flight operations before being successfully deployed for a client survey.

By mid 2021, we have completed over 800 flights, successfully surveying over 600km2 with projects in place for significantly more.


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