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Investment in metaverse related value propositions is a global phenomenon

Investment in #metaverse related value propositions is a global phenomenon. Unsurprisingly the regions with the higher number of Metaverse related companies are North America, Europe and Asia. Nonetheless, when comparing the size of each region (e.g. by GDP) and the number of Metaverse companies, there is a correlation of 0.83, hinting to the working hypothesis that Metaverse investments are being undertaken globally, relatively evenly region-wise, and in proportion to economic activity concentration.

“The nascent Metaverse opportunity comprises almost 3,400 companies that have raised $47.0 billion in venture capital (VC) since 2018. The Metaverse umbrella is expansive, given how many potential segments of activity it purports to touch and the infrastructure and hardware it will take to achieve such ambitions.” states “PitchBook Data’s in its “Vertical Snapshot: The Metaverse” report. While the Metaverse “does not yet exists today” and the shape and size of its related value propositions and related economic potential are not yet defined, the evolution of technology and the blending of physical and digital worlds are creating opportunities. “Music, industrial asset monitoring, office collaboration, social media—these experiences and the data they generate will be increasingly connected and accessible in myriad environments. Supercharging information’s ubiquity is one step toward improving productivity and generating more compelling digital capabilities.”

During a recent analysis, it was very interesting to see how much developments are taking place within manufacturing, healthcare, smart-cities and industry in general, in addition to retailing, gaming, entertainment and the other sectors typically associated to the concept of Metaverse.



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