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Remsense launches version 2.0 of its world-first photogrammetric industrial digital twin product to help energy industry drive innovation

RemSense Technologies Limited is pleased to announce the release of virtualplant 2.0, a new and improved version of its world-first photogrammetric industrial digital twin product.

Virtualplant was first developed in 2019 as an asset visualisation and management platform for key RemSense client, global energy company Woodside Energy. The introduction of virtualplant 2.0 marks the acceleration of the product’s transition to full enterprise grade solution with broad, cross-sector appeal.

Virtualplant provides a powerful visualisation tool that enables remote viewing of physical assets on site. This includes the ability to remotely view and interact with facilities via an intuitive, immersive experience. The platform also has the ability to integrate with business operations and asset management systems to deliver greater productivity, increased safety, and reduced cost.

Virtualplant 2.0 has been built using AWS Well-Architected Framework, which sets out six pillars for developing effective software solutions: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimisation, and sustainability.

As a result, the product has been awarded the badge of “AWS Qualified Software” badge.


Virtualplant 2.0 has moved to a serverless, microservices-native AWS cloud architecture that is extremely scalable, with all compute and storage capability utilised in the most cost-effective way possible. Virtualplant 2.0 is provided as a secure cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS).

Customer requirements to improve ease of access have also been addressed. The product now provides an effective means of authenticating from multiple identity providers, meaning both customers and their contractors can access the same platform securely using Single sign-on (SSO).

The new highly responsive React web platform allows RemSense to set up new customer portals in minutes, rather than weeks, while still allowing for customer-specific configuration around the user interface (UI) content.

The platform is highly secure with full workload isolation and encryption of data at rest and in transit. Additionally, it will allow for seamless integration with third party APIs to allow a host of new features and services.

Woodside Energy, which has the virtualplant SaaS solution fully operational, has upgraded to version 2.0 allowing both the energy company and its contractors to utilise the site.

Coinciding with the launch of virtualplant 2.0, RemSense has introduced new branding for the product including the single-word naming convention and new logo. The logo has been designed with the simplicity, inclusivity, and intuitiveness of the virtualplant experience in mind.


RemSense Managing Director Steve Brown said: “This is a major milestone for RemSense Technology in establishing an enterprise grade, scalable digital twin solution for the oil and gas industry in Australia. The product team has to be congratulated in building and releasing virtualplant 2.0 using AWS to meet tight deadlines whilst creating a scalable, secure digital twin platform. The SaaS based solution allows us to deploy the solution to clients at speed and scale. It aligns with our strategy for an Industrial SaaS Digital Twin offering which will create aggregating revenue annuities to support our growth. The feedback from the virtualplant user community has been outstanding, confirming its value as a visualisation platform to support operations and maintenance in asset intensive industries”




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