Satellite Antenna Repair

An operator of an offshore FPSO engaged RemSense to fix their azimuth axis servo motor controller, a critical component of the antenna tracking system. Without the functioning motor controller, the integrity of the crucial data link for the FPSO was severely degraded.

The OEM who engaged to supply a replacement unit quoted a 6-month lead time which would result in significant costs and risk being borne by the operator.



RemSense was able to design, manufacture, test and deliver a fully functional replacement unit to the standards required by FAT in 2 months from the first engagement.


The successful outcome was the result of a highly effective collaboration between the operator and RemSense, as RemSense required rapid and detailed feedback from the operator to deliver such a complex system in such a short time frame.

The fact that no-one at RemSense had ever been on the FPSO to gain an understanding the antenna system in person is a testament to the quality of the communication between the two parties that facilitated this effort.


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