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Our Technology Development Program is a partnership that leverages RemSense’s strengths with a client’s ability to recognise opportunities to improve operation through the adoption or development of technology.

As with any partnership, success is based on a trusting and collaborative relationship, where successful outcomes are mutually beneficial.

RemSense’s process establishes the framework through which the partners develop solutions together. It includes checkpoints to ensure the client remains informed and in control, as well as outlining IP management and commercialisation possibilities.

Seamless Technology Adoption

From concept generation and scope definition though to certification and field use, RemSense delivers effective and fit-for-purpose technology solutions to your operation.


Our team is diverse, with different backgrounds and professional experiences. This gives us the flexibility to “mix and match” people and their competencies with what a project required at any given time.

This flexibility allows us to only use people and resources when they are needed and can add value (plus it keep things interesting for us – giving our people a wide breadth of projects and industry exposure!)

Some of our competencies are below. If it matches your requirements, we’d love to hear from you. And if you can offer a unique perspective and love working on wide variety of projects, reach out, we may just be a good fit.

Efficient Technology Adoption

Technology solutions developed quickly and efficiently – ensuring the costs don’t outweigh the benefits. Importantly, solutions are “plug and play” – certified and field validated.

Big Thinking

Enables your organisation to access broad industry and technology application expertise, giving you a new perspective on your problems with a trusted and validated technology development methodology.

Deliver Value - Fast

Technology is developed with an operational focus, not as an exploratory exercise. Our consultative methodology ensure we deliver bottom line impact quickly to your operations.


We would love to talk about how we can create
solutions to help your business.

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