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Project background

There are numerous unmanned Oil & Gas platforms along Australia’s coastline that have reached the end of their operational lifecycle and require decommissioning. These platforms are located in hazardous environments, presenting challenges for inspection and ensuring safety before the decommissioning process can proceed.

The client, prior to allowing decommissioning workers onto the platform, needed to assess the condition and safety of the platform. This assessment specifically focused on critical elements, including access ladders, rope access mounting points, and decking grid mesh.

key challenges

Given the platform’s remote location, access was only available by boat, making traditional inspection methods impractical.

Additionally, safety and environmental concerns added complexity to the decommissioning process.

Our Solution

RemSense proposed a high-definition drone inspection, which would be launched from a ship.

An engineering representative from the client’s team would be on-site, using a secondary screen to direct the drone operator to specific points of interest. This real-time assessment allowed for safety evaluations and efficient data capture.


The ship-launched drone safely approached the platform while the ship, drone operator, and client team remained at a safe distance.

The inspection of all required elements was quickly conducted, with areas of concern identified.

The data collected through the drone inspection enabled the update of the Safe Working Method Statement (SWMS), which was communicated to the operational team before they accessed the platform.

Additionally, the team captured imagery for creating a 3D model of the platform, enhancing further inspection and planning onshore. This comprehensive approach ensured the safety and efficiency of the decommissioning process.

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