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Project background

Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) is an iconic building and prominent healthcare facility located on the outskirts of Perth’s CBD, offering world-class health services.

Our client, as the lead facilities maintenance contractor, is tasked with biannual inspections of the building’s façade to identify corrosion and damage, ensuring the hospital’s continued safety and functionality.


key challenges

The unique architectural design and surrounding environment of the hospital created formidable challenges for traditional inspection methods; rope access and elevated work platforms proved costly and impractical.

Additionally, the site presented complexities related to managing public and staff access to operational areas and areas with significant “GPS Shadowing.” These areas experienced disruptions in GPS satellite signals, affecting drone stability and safety.



Our Solution

RemSense deployed a cutting-edge M300 RTK drone equipped with a base station, offering greater stability, precision, and safety.

The M300 RTK drone with real-time kinematic (RTK) capabilities significantly addressed the challenges posed by the architectural and environmental complexities. A high-definition camera was paired with the drone to capture detailed images.

These high-definition images included a wide-angle view, providing comprehensive coverage of each section of the structure, and zoomed images to enable precise asset inspection.



The combination of the optimal drone technology, advanced camera sensor, and expert piloting in a challenging environment enabled the safe and efficient mapping of all required façades within a single day.

The resulting dataset was delivered to the client in an easy-to-use format, facilitating the efficient review of inspection data. Importantly, this approach ensured that the operation of the hospital remained unaffected and uncompromised.


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