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Project background

RemSense was entrusted with the task of developing a specialized visualization platform, uniquely tailored to the needs of the operator.

The core objective was to create a platform that empowered operators to examine remote assets in exceptional high-resolution detail.

The operator had previously explored a range of digital twin and visualization solutions but found none that perfectly aligned with their precise requirements.

key challenges

The development of the visualization platform presented specific challenges that needed to be addressed.

Chief among these was the demand for a secure, high-speed, and hardware-independent solution.

Ensuring that the platform was readily accessible to the entire company, including external contractors, while maintaining robust security, posed a set of unique challenges.

Our Solution

With this brief, RemSense developed virtualplant, which utilises and extends the established photogrammetry platform of Matterport to asset management & industrial applications.


Following the successful implementation of the virtualplant platform on multiple offshore platforms and onshore facilities, the platform’s use cases, user base, and its tangible value have consistently expanded.

Today, virtualplant stands as an indispensable tool within Woodside, substantially enhancing safety, efficiency, and productivity.

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