Offshore Oil Platform Decommissioning

There are numerous Oil & Gas platforms around Australia’s coastline that have come to the end of their operational lifecycle and require decommissioning. Many of these platforms are unmanned, and given their locations and operational environment, are extremely hazardous areas to work and operate within.

The client, prior to allowing decommissioning workers on to the platform, needed to asses the condition and safety of the platform, particularly, access ladders, rope access mounting points, and decking grid mesh. Access was only available by boat.


RemSense were approached to assist and proposed a high definition camera mounted on drone. This would be ship launched and an engineering representative from the client would be able to assess the various points and objects of interest from a secondary screen whilst on site. This would allow the engineer to direct the drone operator to relevant areas for viewing and data capture, to enable safety assessments to be made in real time.


Launched from the ship, the drone was able to approach the platform safely while the ship, drone operator and client team were able to remain at a safe distance.

The inspection of all required elements was quickly carried out, with any areas of concern identified. Based on the information collected via the drone, the Safe Working Method Statement (SWMS) was updated and communicated to the ,operational team, prior to them accessing the platform.

Whilst on site, additional imagery was also captured, allowing for the creation of a 3D model of the platform, which could be used for additional inspection and planning on-shore.


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