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RemSense is pleased to announce it has joined the Digital Twin Consortium (DTC) and is looking forward to collaborating with members around the globe to influence the direction of digital twin technology development.

The DTC has been in existence for the past two years, having been set up in the United States to help accelerate adoption and acceptance of digital twin technology and promote the related transformational business outcomes.

Today, it has more than 200 member organisations including Dell Technologies, Microsoft and Autodesk. DTC represents 36 countries and forms a powerful and influential ecosystem of leading innovators and thought leaders in the industry.

RemSense Managing Director Steve Brown is looking forward to interacting with these like-minded individuals, sharing knowledges, applying new ideas and tactics in the global rollout of the Company’s Virtualplant digital twin product.

“We identified the DTC as a unique opportunity to engage and collaborate with other industry participants on a global scale because the clients we are gaining traction with truly have large international footprints,” he says.

The global market for digital twins is projected to reach US$115 billion by 2035, according to

In line with this boom, the addressable market for RemSense’s Virtualplant, which is geared towards providing a real-world digital twin environment for asset-intensive industrial applications, will be significant.


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Schedule a FREE demo of our software

The future of Asset Management is just one click away

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