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How virtualplant can make a difference for researchers

A partnership with one of Australia’s largest medical research institutes, focussed solely on child health, is providing RemSense employees with the chance to give back to the community and help improve the health, development and lives of younger generations.

After several RemSense leaders visited the Telethon Kids Institute within the newly built Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) in April this year, the Company signed on as one of the institute’s workplace giving partners.

Through the partnership, all RemSense employees have the option of contributing a small portion of their pre-tax salary to Telethon Kids, with the donations going to fund the lifechanging work being done by Telethon Kids Institute.

At the end of each quarter, RemSense matches the employee donations dollar-for-dollar.

“Workplace giving is important for us,” RemSense Managing Director Steve Brown said. “It’s part of our social responsibility package that encourages our staff and the business to engage with the community. It’s a very simple way for everybody to be able to contribute.”

While financial support is the main aspect of the partnership, RemSense has also been able to assist the Institute by providing a complimentary scan of the facilities at PCH using its world-first photogrammetric industrial Digital Twin Australia product, virtualplant.

Telethon Kids Corporate Partnerships Manager Ben Wood said the digital twin of the laboratories offered a solution to engaging with audiences in a COVID world where face-to-face interaction has become more difficult.

It essentially allows researchers based remotely to walk through a virtual version of the laboratories and familiarise themselves with the layout and equipment at hand.

“As a growing research institute, we are constantly collaborating and partnering with researchers across the globe,” Wood said.

“Our workplace giving partnership with RemSense has virtually opened our doors to so many new opportunities, thanks to their ongoing support and generosity.”


RemSense continues to assess other opportunities to give back to the community and intends to increase its participation in community and volunteer programs in the new year.


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