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RemSense is excited to announce it has joined the Centre for Decommissioning Australia (CODA) as a partner and is looking forward to playing a more prominent role in addressing the challenge of decommissioning the country’s ageing oil and gas infrastructure.

CODA is an independent, not-for-profit organisation established to support the development of a world-class, collaborative and sustainable decommissioning industry for Australia.

Its first deliverable, the 2021 liability report, identified that over US$40.5 billion of decommissioning work will need to be done on the country’s offshore oil and gas infrastructure, over half of which must be started within the next 10 years.

The opportunity for RemSense in decommissioning lies with its virtualplant photogrammetric industrial digital twin product, state-of-the-art technology for monitoring the status and condition of assets over time.

Virtualplant provides a powerful, realistic visualisation tool that enables remote viewing of physical assets on site. This includes the ability to remotely view and interact with facilities via an intuitive, immersive experience.

In decommissioning applications, virtualplant promises cost savings and occupational health and safety benefits from reducing the need to physically visit site to inspect assets and facilities.

The technology can also be used in the development of supporting material for decommissioning tenders.

“Not only do we see virtualplant offering a great solution for the operators of ageing offshore oil and gas infrastructure, but there are also many benefits for regulators whose job it is to inspect and assess those facilities and report on their condition,” RemSense Managing Director Steve Brown said.

“The decommissioning challenge in Australia has come into sharp focus over the past 12 months and working with CODA and other partner companies we can help to make it more manageable.”

Among CODA’s stated objectives are maximising opportunities for the local workforce, service and technology companies, realising decommissioning cost reductions from cross-industry collaboration, optimised planning and the implementation of best practice approaches.

The organisation also sees a role for itself in optimising the recycling and re-use of infrastructure through collaborative and coordinated action.

“CODA is delighted to welcome RemSense to our partner network. As Australia’s decommissioning workload increases, finding tools and methods that allow for safer, more cost-effective ways to perform every task in the workflow make the industry more efficient and able to deliver the best possible outcomes for all involved. Exploring ways to use photogrammetry tools that can support this work is an exciting, emerging area where RemSense’s expertise and track record has the potential to add real value.” Dr. Francis Norman, CEO and Managing Director


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